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Testing Services

Vulnerability Assessment

Information Security is one of the biggest issues that the computing industry has to deal. Not only it has to deal with serious breaches, it also has to deal with everyday issues in computing. In fact, as per statistics, 90% of business losses come from IT network security lapses. It may come from various sources, from simple viruses, to hacker attacks, to denial of service, to identity theft to even data theft. And yes, because of the wide spread use of the Internet as well as mobile devices, IT ecurity should not be compromised. A business owner or its management may think that the infrastructure is ok, but in fact, someone may be stealing their marketing or financial information without the business owner or the business management knowing it.

PixieDust provides these services according to the business need. A big enterprise may need a detailed vulnerability assessment testing, while a small business may only need basic protection. We only provide services that we think are due and necessary, based on the size of the business.


Mobile Application Security

Mobile application security testing and program management platform that enables organizations to easily create, supplement and expand a Software Security Assurance program through a managed service dedicated to delivery and customer support.

PixieDust provides Scalable, Comprehensive Application Security Testing


Cloud Security for Cloud

Businesses are moving to Cloud Computing for Business for many different reasons, but there are a few that resonate across the board: cost, usability, and innovation. Put simply, businesses want to cut current costs while providing employees with a service that is easy to use and is constantly improving. Google Apps fits that bill.

Through our partners Cloud Solutions offers a range of Windows and Linux servers along with SAN storage, backup and firewalls with VPN connections. We can recommend the best partner for your requirements and locations.